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Medium Cabinet Garden w/ Lights On Hydro Set-up
Medium Cabinet Garden w/ Lights On Hydro Set-upMedium Side Cabinet Garden™Medium Side Cabinet Garden™Medium Side Cabinet Garden™

Medium Hydroponic & Dirt LED Cabinet Garden™

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71”(H) x 20”(W) x 25”(D) – 3-6 tall plants
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Recommended for taller plants, you will minimize your time between harvests with the Medium Cabinet Garden™. The starter kit includes everything you need to cultivate your own organic garden at home in the shortest timeframe possible.
Using the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient technology to produce the highest quality organic herbs, fruits, and vegetables right at home, year round.

Product Description

Free Shipping in the Continental US!


Minimize your time between harvests with the Medium Cabinet Garden™. A complete gardening system that uses the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient technology. Includes everything you need to cultivate your own organic produce, herbs, and spices in the shortest timeframe possible at home, year round.

This 71”(H) x 20”(W) x 25”(D) cabinet comes fully assembled and ready to use with all the components included—just plug it in, add water and grow. Start gardening indoors, year round, in a space not much bigger than a filing cabinet. For home growers who are interested in maximizing their output within a small footprint, this is the cabinet for you.

SuperPonics*, a next generation hydroponic technology, supplies streams of nutrient-rich water solutions from the top down and from the bottom up. This advanced, user-friendly hydro setup enables growth rates up to 5 times quicker than soil. A hybrid of drip feed, bubble/aeroponics and deep water culture, SuperPonics provides your plants with multiple sources of nutrient-rich water solutions without restricting access to much-needed CO2.
*Note: Every Cabinet Garden™ is also compatible with traditional soil-based growing of plants. SuperPonics is an option for those who prefer this method. We suggest exploring both options to see which is best for your lifestyle and gardening preferences.

Ultimately, every plant needs only air, water, and light to thrive and produce impressive yields. CO2 in the air is one of the most important ingredients your garden needs to grow, fueling the process of photosynthesis. As oxygen-rich air is expelled by the exhaust fan, new carbon dioxide-rich air is pulled into the chamber and distributed evenly via an internal circulation fan. Photosynthesis uses the CO2 in the air to create glucose, which is the fuel that plants use for both vegetative growth and flowering. This Cabinet Garden™ comes with our 3-piece airflow system to ensure that your plants have a surplus of the carbon dioxide they need to grow.

1. Internal Circulation Fan: Constant circulation within the growth chamber promotes thick stalk and strong branching, which provide the support needed for heavy fruiting plants.
2. Exhaust Fan: Light-cooling effects and a constant supply of outside air causes a light vacuum in the environment, ridding the chamber of used air and introducing new, CO2-rich air from outside the garden.
3. Activated Carbon Filter: Completely neutralizes the odors of even the most aromatic herbs and spices, filtering out odor-causing molecules before exhausting clean air back into your home.

Stepping up both lumens and photosynthetically-active radiation (PAR) versus the Small Cabinet Garden™, the 300W LED plus T5 side lighting gives your garden the complete spectrum it craves for high-yield production. This lighting system provides complete canopy penetration while maintaining cool temperatures to ensure the ideal growth conditions within the chamber.

The Medium Cabinet Garden™ houses up to six plants in the main chamber, automatically supplying water and nutrient solution from the 10-gallon reservoir on preset intervals. Our top-feeding Drip System eliminates the risk posed by power outages, while the growth-accelerating Deep Water Culture system (DWC) with integrated Aeroponics sprayer moistens the roots with an easy-to-absorb aerated nutrient solution from the underside. With the included net trellis, this proprietary auto-watering system will produce 30% more growth while consuming 20% less energy than traditional systems. Simply clean and refill the reservoir every 1-2 weeks and check that it maintains the proper pH level, then sit back and enjoy the satisfaction of your high-yielding home garden.

Adjustable reflective panels disperse light throughout the entire growth chamber, acting as a preventative measure against the common grow room enemies of mold and mildew. We consider maintenance and upkeep equally as important as the functional attributes of the cabinet, so we have eliminated every little crevice that dirt and bacteria might seek to use as a foothold. Mitigating this risk gives your garden the ability to dedicate all of its energy to growing big, developing strong branches, and producing beautiful flowers and fruits.

You’re never on your own when you choose Cabinet Garden™. One of our most important goals it to provide on-going technical, educational, and customer support for the life of your cabinet. If you have more advanced questions, call one of our gardening experts for advice. It doesn’t matter if you bought your cabinet yesterday or 5 years ago, you can count on our lifetime support guarantee.


What's Included

Industrial Steel Grade Cabinet: We use a high grade steel to ensure each Cabinet Garden™ is a durable, well made product that will last for years and years of continuous use.

Fully Lockable: A fully lockable cabinet that includes two keys.

High Quality LED Lights: Energy efficient full-spectrum LED lighting system including T-5 Supplemental Side Lights. This light has a color spectrum that’s ideal for general indoor growing, doesn’t produce excessive heat and boasts low energy consumption. The supplemental lights are great for reaching under your plants canopy.

Adjustable Yo-Yo System: Allows for easy height adjustment of your light. This helps to make sure you have maximum photosynthesis penetration as your plants grow larger.

Discreet Activated Carbon Filter: We use top of the line activated carbon air filters to eliminate any airborne pathogens and eliminate odors, alongside a muffled exhaust and silent internal fans that are guaranteed to not cause noise pollution.

Fully Automated Superponics or Dirt System: This fully automated system ensures you will grow lush and prolific plants 2-5 faster and bigger then traditional hydroponics methods or dirt. It allows for you to have the best, fastest, and easiest grows by combining multiple types of hydroponic growing technology. It is a fusion of Top Feed Watering, Deep Water Culture and Bubble & Aeroponics. You can also choose to grow in a dirt medium if you prefer.

Adjustable Net Trellis: A trellising system increases your yields up to 30%, as well as greatly maximizing the quality of your plants. Trellises help support, partition, and train your plants creating equal spacing from each other and assist in the formation of a nice, even canopy, ensuring even light distribution and absorption for each and every plant.

Internal Circulation Fan: Our fully adjustable internal fan provides complete optimal air flow for even circulation.

Magnetic Panels: Removable, adjustable, anti-mold, and reflective panels for ideal light dispersal and hygiene.

Removable Wheels: Wheels allow you to quickly and easily move your cabinet as needed. Can be removed for a more permanent installation.

Analog Timers: Our timers provide you the ability to control the day and night light cycle for your plants automatically. Help your plants vegetate or produce fruits and flowers when you are ready. Control your watering cycle for maximum health and yield. You’ll benefit from having to spend less time worrying about schedules with our fully automated system – just set your timers as you sit back and relax.

2 Port Air Pump: Eco Air pumps are very quiet and energy efficient, yet extremely powerful. This strong and durable pump is widely used to provide oxygen into the water supply for hydroponic systems and is convenient to operate without oil or noise.

Water Pump: Our energy efficient pump is the heart and flow of our unique hydroponic system. Plug it into its designated timer and you have your own personal robotic gardener making certain that your plants never go thirsty again.

Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer: This device provides you with the ability to ensure your plants are growing in the right environment. This will measure your indoor and humidity, has a time function, and a water proof temperature probe.

TDS Meter: The Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) meter will allow you to test your water for purity and to make sure it is suitable for your plants to grow.

pH Testing Meters: pH measures the acidity/alkalinity of your water for improved nutrient uptake. The right balance is crucial to a successful grow.

And More: Nutrients, rock wool, clay rock grow medium, magnetic hooks, and more.

Lifetime Customer Support: Our staff of expert gardeners, botanists, and geneticists are available every day of the week. We‘re committed to helping you grow!

Optional Enhancements

Adding plug n’ play automation to your Cabinet Garden™ makes growing easy. Four MotorLeaf hardware units are available to help you grow with confidence.


This is one of four hardware units by MotorLeaf that can be added to your Cabinet Garden™ to automate your system depending on the level of automation you desire. The HEART is included with the purchase of our large cabinets and is an optional add-on with this medium size.

It all starts with the MotorLeaf HEART. You will be able to monitor major aspects of your Cabinet Garden™. You can facilitate custom settings, so that the hardware will automate your grow equipment. You will be able to receive alerts based on custom set points to let you know when your garden needs your attention. Simply plug it in and it quickly start monitoring and collecting Air Temp, Humidity, and Light Level data from your Cabinet Garden™.

You can monitor your grow via HD Video and get Motion Detection alerts. Connect the lighting hardware and feeder pump to start automating their operation in seconds. The HEART’s easy-to-use interface is accessible online or offline, via any wireless enabled device (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone). You will be able to check your grow space environmental history, via easy to understand charts. You can even allow your friends access via a ‘view only’ profile.

HEART Automation for Cabinet Garden™ Hydroponic Grow SolutionHEART Automation for Cabinet Garden™ Hydroponic Grow Solution

HEART Automation for Cabinet Garden™ Hydroponic Grow Solution


This is one of four hardware units by MotorLeaf that can be added to your Cabinet Garden™ to automate your system depending on the level of automation you desire.

The MotorLeaf POWERLEAF is an additional piece of hardware that can be connected to your HEART automation unit. The POWERLEAF allows you to connect other pieces of grow equipment including an Air Cooler, Heater, Humidifier and/or Dehumidifier to the network working with your HEART Sensors. The POWERLEAF connects wirelessly to the HEART which tells it when to turn on and off, based upon pre-set times or sensor readings from the HEART and DROPLET. The easy-to-use  interface is accessible online or offline, via any wireless enabled device (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Smartphone).

POWERLEAF Automation for Cabinet Garden™ Hydroponic Grow Solution

POWERLEAF Automation for Cabinet Garden™ Hydroponic Grow Solution

POWERLEAF Automation for Cabinet Garden™ Hydroponic Grow Solution



The MotorLeaf DRIPLET is an additional automation hardware unit that can be added to your Cabinet Garden™ to automate the delivery of pH and nutrients based upon timer setting or actual live grow conditions.

DRIPLET Automation for Cabinet Garden™ Hydroponic Grow Solution

DRIPLET Automation for Cabinet Garden™ Hydroponic Grow Solution


The MotorLeaf DROPLET is an additional automation hardware unit that monitors everything that’s connected to your water reservoir. Every 4 seconds the DROPLET wirelessly sends data to the HEART, including information on water level, temperature, pH level, and nutrient levels – essential information for any grower to know, anytime. Additionally when connected to the HEART you can control your water temperature. If you have the POWERLEAF you will also be able to control the water level.

DROPLET Automation for Cabinet Garden™ Hydroponic Grow Solution

DROPLET Automation for Cabinet Garden™ Hydroponic Grow Solution

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I bought my cabinet about 3 months ago and I’m about to have my first harvest, so I’m very excited. It’s a lot of fun and educational, because it helps you understand the growing cycle and other scientific things about nutrition and also how the lighting and soil as well as pH levels are so important for healthy plants. Who knew?!?! I’m definitely learning a lot. It’s also very interesting to germinate seeds and see them turn into large plants. This is a great hobby and lots of fun.

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