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What Do You Need To Grow Indoors, Year Round, At Home?

Getting started with a hydroponic grow at home can seem daunting. There are so many different parts and pieces that could be added. Through countless hours of research and development, Cabinet Garden™ has built and collected together all the necessary parts, so you can get started quickly and don’t have to hunt down all the various items required to get started.

What’s included with your Cabinet Garden™? Everything you need to get started. Let’s break it down…

Cabinet Garden™ Large Grow Box
The first thing you will need is a place to keep your grow. We designed the cabinet using industrial strength steel for long lasting durability. The stealth design and appearance doesn’t draw attention to itself and can be easily tucked away in just about any location of your home, including closets, garage, or out of the way corner.

Cabinet Garden™ Lockable Door

A locking door is a crucial feature. You will want to make sure your garden is safe from prying eyes, so we included lockable door handle with two keys on every Cabinet Garden™ grow box.

LED Lights for Cabinet Garden Grow BoxOf course any hydroponic system will need lights and Cabinet Garden™ comes with 3 per unit, one large top light and 2 side lights. Energy efficient, full-spectrum LED lighting for maximum plant growth.

yoyoAn easy to use adjustable yo-yo controls the height of the top overhead light for optimal growth of your plants.

Carbon Air Filter for Cabinet Garden Grow BoxKeep your house smell free with the included carbon air filter. No one wants their garden smelling up their home, so the air filter is necessary to eliminate odors, while keeping the air flow moving.

Hydroponic Grow Box for Cabinet GardenThe supersonic system included with each Cabinet Garden™ for water based hydroponic / aeroponic growing. Easy to pull out for cleaning, checking your plants, trimming and growth maintenance. When you are finished, just slide back into place.

Adjustable Net Trellis for Cabinet Garden GrowingIncrease your yield with the included adjustable net trellis. Keep your plants growth separated from each other to help increase your harvest up to 30%.

Fan for Cabinet Garden Grow BoxKeep the air flowing with included circulation fan. Stagnant air can be harmful, so an internal fan is recommended to move the air around your plants.

Magnetic Panels for Cabinet GardenWhite magnetic side wall panels allow for the light to bounce around inside your Cabinet Garden™. Because they are magnetic, they are easy to adjust or remove. Help fight mold growth with full light penetration around your plants.

Removable Wheels for Cabinet GardenEasy movement provided by the included base wheels. Remove them for a permeant installation.

Timer for Cabinet GardenAnalog timer for controlling day and night lighting cycles are included with each Cabinet Garden™. Plants require day lights on and night lights off. The included timer makes this process seamless.

Air pump for Cabinet GardenA two port air pump provides oxygen into the water supply to help maximize your grow via aeroponics.

Water Pump for Cabinet GardenThe included water pump is the heart and flow of any hydroponic system.

Thermometer / Hygrometer for Cabinet GardenMonitor the temperature and humidity inside your Cabinet Garden™ for optimized growing with the included Thermometer / Hygrometer.

tdsTotal Dissolved Solids (TDS) are the total amount of mobile charged ions, including minerals, salts, or metals dissolved in your water, expressed in units of mg per unit volume of water (mg/L), also referred to as parts per million (ppm). The included TDS digital meter measures the purity of your water for quality. Water purity and balance is extremely important for optimal growth within your Cabinet Garden™.

pH Meter for Cabinet GardenpH is a numeric scale used to specify the hydrogen ion acidity or basicity of the water in your Cabinet Garden™. The included pH meter helps make sure you are within the desired range for your grow.

csrCustomer support from experts when you have a question or need help. We are here for you every step of the way.

Supplies for your Cabinet GardenStart your grow right out of the box with included nutrients, rock wool, clay rock grow medium, magnetic hooks and more. Everything you need to get started growing is included with you Cabinet Garden.

Now the only question is, how many plants do you want to grow? Check out the size options here. Happy growing.

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