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Why Indoor Growing Works

Many people with great outdoor spaces for gardening choose to grow indoors instead. But why? Indoor growing isn’t just for people in the wrong climate, it helps you produce healthier plants more often. Your return on investment (time investment) is much better. Here are a few reasons to setup and raise your plants inside with grow boxes.

Work – weeds and moisture distribution can be a huge problem when cultivating plants outside vs inside. Weeds can take over your garden and suck up all the water, leaving your plants to die. With an inside garden, you have control over what grows there and you know the water you use goes to the right place. The soil outside will also have different kinds of bacteria that can affect the outcome of your plants. You can grow your plants hydroponically, which requires no soil. No soil means no tilling.

Better plants – with indoor growing, whether it be using a grow tent, pots, or a hydroponic system, you have one hundred percent control over the environment specifications. You control the lighting (position, cycles, etc), water (hydro, soil), nutrients, and every other aspect of growing a plant. These plants, with the right care and attention, will grow faster and will have much better yields than those exposed to the great outdoors. You can also let your vegetables ripen on the vine, instead of picking them way before (store-bought).

Anytime, anywhere – when you grow indoors, you pick the seasons. Even if you’re growing in the middle of the winter, you can be in the middle of a Summer season with a plant that only grows at a certain time per year. Inside, there are no rules about when, it just depends on whether you want to grow something or not.

Bugs – this is huge! No one wants bugs on their plants, but it’s impossible to stay by your plants outside all day waiting for a bug to touch them. With indoor growing, you eliminate the worry that something is eating what you wanted to eat. While you are at work or out of the house, you can rest easy now. Also, bugs can carry toxic materials on their legs which would get on your plants. If you grow your tomatoes indoors, you don’t even have to wash them!

One thought on “Why Indoor Growing Works

  • We get a pretty long growing season outdoors where I live – we actually still had tomatoes and herbs blossoming right up until just a few days ago when we had a sudden frost. (Of course now I wish I had moved all that basil indoors, darn it) Anyway, that’s how I ended up here, I was looking at indoor growing solutions for the colder months and stumbled upon your site. You have a very lovely growing system, I’ll definitely be back to learn more.

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