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Environmental Policy

At Cabinet Garden™ we truly care about the environment and have set out to create a sustainable system that would empower people to grow herbs, fruits and vegetables with minimal impact on the planet.

We have created a way for people to grow at home in a dedicated, secure cabinet that uses incredibly efficient LED lighting that uses 1/10th the electricity of typical grow lights. We also use energy efficient pumps and fans. The system we have devised allows you to grow with dirt or hydroponics. Hydroponics uses 80-90% less water than outdoor growing. In states affected by horrible droughts like California, this issue is critical.

Our enclosed (lockable) cabinets provide a safe eco-system for growing that prevents pests from destroying your plants, thus removing the need for dangerous pesticides. The cabinets also allow you to control the humidity and moisture of the plants so that you can prevent mold and also this helps to produce superior plants that are healthier.

We have partnered with TerraPass to offset the carbon emissions of our cabinets. While we do use the most energy efficient lighting and equipment, our cabinets still require electricity. So we decided to show our commitment to the planet by purchasing renewable energy credits and carbon offsets fromTerraPass. Now you can grow with the peace of mind knowing that you are not contributing green house gases GHG to the atmosphere, not doing any damage to the natural environment and are not affected health wise by the danger of pesticides. What is a Carbon offset? Carbon Offsets let you help build projects in communities across the country that reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions beyond what you can achieve through individual action. Typical projects include wind and solar farms and other GHG reducing activities. Such Carbon offsets are purchased to fund these projects and diminish the impact of your own GHG emissions, even though the projects are located elsewhere.